Dentist’s Advisory Board (DAB)’s foundation of success is built upon the monthly peer board meeting supplemented by alternate month one-on-one coaching sessions.  Each month your group of dentists (your board) gets together for 3-4 hours with a facilitator.  Throughout the course of the meeting, each member dentist presents an issue for discussion.  The board members then get to ask clarifying questions and offer salient real-world suggestions.

Topics for discussion range from human resources to marketing and exit strategies.  The collective knowledge and experience of the board proves invaluable as the member dentists try to manage internal issues within their practice or make plans for the future.  It is rare that a topic arises with which other member dentists have not dealt.  The meeting ends with each member dentist committing to 30-day goals for which their peer board will hold them accountable.  The dentist then reports on their goals at the beginning of the following meeting.  This level of accountability is key to the members’ success. 

Then, every other month member dentists meet one-on-one with their facilitator in-person or via teleconference for a one-hour deep dive session of consulting.